Thursday, March 19, 2015

Linking Art

This week our class focused on the divisions and separations amongst the country right before the Civil War took place in 1861.

     The buildup of conflict amongst the states eventually led to varying opinions and separations. In order for our class to understand the reason for these divisions, we learned about the Election of 1860. The results of the election were representative of the deep divisions over slavery. The four parties were: Republican represented by Lincoln, Northern Democrat represented by Douglas,
Southern Democrat represented by Breckenridge, and Constitutional Union represented by Bell. All these parties wished to benefit the states they represented. However, Lincoln won the election with majority of the north voting for him.
     To learn more about this topic, our class split into group of two. We then visited an informational site of artwork on the Civil War. Our class was assigned to look further into the story behind the artwork. We had to then connect each topic to the Election. Using these pieces of art that depicted events before and during the war, each group was asked to create a brief documentary. We also had to choose other primary source artwork to fill in the time between the events from the online gallery. Our overall goal from this project was to figure out the results from the Election resulted in the divisions of the country. Below is the almost four minute video:
Civil War in Art
Civil War in Art. The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago History Museum.

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